Washington Corporations


General Information

Duwamish Head Condominium Association is a miscellaneous and mutual corporation registered in the state of Washington (UBI #602577784). It was incorporated in Washington on November 29, 2005.

The most recent annual report for Duwamish Head Condominium Association is due on November 30, 2011. Duwamish Head Condominium Association is a non-profit entity.

Registered Agent

Richard L Vincent
1661 Harbor Ave Sw 100
Seattle, WA 98126

Agent Mailing Address

1140 Alki Ave Sw
Seattle, WA 98116


President: Dick Yanak (email)
1140 Alki Ave Sw 503
Seattle, WA 98116

Vice President: Jule Sugarman (email)
1140 Alki Ave Sw 505
Seattle, WA 98116

Secretary: Suzanne Whittman (email)
1140 Alki Ave Sw 201
Seattle, WA 98116

Treasurer: Fred Wathne (email)
1140 Alki Ave Sw 502
Seattle, WA 98116

Director: Gary Flynn (email)
1140 Alki Ave Sw 402
Seattle, WA 98116