Washington Corporations


The Art Institute of Seattle, Inc.

Horizon Air Industries, Inc.

The Jon, Inc.

Pat Lord, Inc.

Peters Inn, Inc.

Discount Display, Inc.

Allied Arts of Whatcom County

Merrill Lynch Life Agency Inc.

David L. Wright, d.d.s., p.s.

Training in Management Effectiveness, Inc.

A Aqua Systems Inc.

Asc Machine Tools, Inc.

Keithley Instruments, Inc.

L. Reinke Enterprises Inc.

Jim's Automotive Experts, Inc.

Atelier Northwest, Inc.

Glacier Financial Services, Inc.

Pease Construction, Inc.

Heidi's Investments, Inc.

Curtis West Realty, Inc.

Gilbert Construction, Inc.

2 M Corporation

L. Brendt Park, o.d., p.s.

John H. Rowlands, m.d., p.s.

Rockbach, Inc.

The Cowlitz Gallery Association - the Broadway Gallery

The City Club

Westworld Services Corporation

Michael La Rock, Inc.

Lemures, Inc.

Lester's Sporting Goods, Inc.

Roger Hawkes, p.s., Inc.

Chrysler First Industrial Loan Company

Associates, Inc.

Loe, p.s.

Smith Street Mill, Inc.

Still Enterprises, Inc.

Sanitary Transportation, Inc.

Schnell Roofing, Inc.

Rrr, Inc.


Gallery Custom Homes, Inc.

Matlock, Inc.

Ms. Lloyd, Inc.

Northwest Fence Company, Inc.

V Audit Inc.

K Leasing, Inc.

Kevin King, d.d.s., p.s.

Burk's Cafe, Inc.

Consumer Homes, Inc.

Hampshire Funding, Inc.

Mel's Diner, Inc.

Carma Sales, Inc.

Hy-grass Farms, Inc.

Jack W. Hanemann, p.s.

Palermo, Inc.

Museum of Northwest Art

Zenith Transport (1982), Inc.

3e Design Group p.s.

Robert C. S. Woo, d.d.s., p.s.

M Auto Supply, Inc.

Suppliers, Inc.

The Law Office of Stephen T. Carmick, p.s.

Terra Electric Construction, Inc.

Wanigan Iii, Inc.

Software Packaging, Inc.

Southcenter Travel, Inc.

S. Hillinger, c.p.a., p.s.

Summit Engineering, Inc.

Cascade Cookie Company, Inc.

Archie's Plumbing Service, Inc.

C. William Korbonits, m.d. Inc. p.s.

Bagley Dental, Ps

Mccord's Vancouver Auto Center, Inc.

Michael J. Mulick, d.m.d.,p.s., Awashington Professional Service Corporation

Taraday Imports, Inc.

Jln, Inc.

John C. Cuevas, Inc., p.s.

Computerease, Inc.

Press Craft, Inc.

Sons, Inc.

The Sparks Consulting Group, Inc.

Michael P. Harwood, d.m.d., p.s.

Alano Club of Wenatchee

A. S. Pearson, Jr., d.d.s., p.s.

Iceland Seafood Corporation

Red Iron Corporation

Black Walnut Enterprises, Inc.

Jack K. Erickson, d.d.s., p.s.

Puyallup Clinic, Inc. p.s.

Jeri Mcdonald and Associates, Inc.

Cari-ann's Bridal Boutique, Inc.

Robert Bruce Worth, m.d.

Bellevue Orthopaedic Associates, p.s.

Everett Powersports, Inc.

H Dairy Systems, Inc.

Bbc I, Inc.

Thyssenkrupp Materials Na, Inc.

Sons Logging, Inc.

Earl's Garage, Inc.