Washington Corporations


Maranatha Liquidation, Inc.

Burt Well Drilling, Inc.

J. F. Shelton Company

Solar Steam, Inc.

Steve Pool Service, Inc.

Victoria Pharmacy Inc.

Wright-wapato, Inc.

Tri-cities Diesel Injection Service, Inc

Twardus Iron and Wire Works, Inc.

Barnts Medical Specialties, Inc.

Western Surveyors, Inc.

Gig Harbor Construction, Inc.

Topsoils, Inc.

Foreign Specialties, Inc.

Keystone Associates, Inc.

F. Heller Construction, Inc.

David Summerfield Corporation, Inc.

a.a.a. Bowls Unlimited, Inc.

Cram's Interiors, Inc.

Krekow Jennings, Inc.

Fraser Development Corporation

Duryee Real Estate, Inc.

Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems, Inc.

Tiny's Tire Center, Inc.

Soderland, P. S.

Team 1 Realty, Inc.

Petroleum Sciences, Inc.

Eastvalley Enterprises, Inc.

Greater Spokane Physical Therapy, p.s.

Fickeisen Corporation

Barnsley Weis Associates, Inc.

Brigitte, Inc.

Eagle Air Helicopters, Inc.

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

Vbc, Ltd.

Spokane Panel Evaluations, p.s.

Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation

Braton Builders, Inc.

Praxis Consulting Group, Inc.

Salmon Bay Boat Yard, Inc.

The Seal Press, Incorporated

Ther-mac, Inc.

Jackson Development, Inc.

The Floor Factory, Inc.

Airport Investment Realty, Inc.

Perinco, Inc.

Larry D. Iversen, m.d., Ltd., p.s.

Valley Art Center, Incorporated

Well Development Company

The Performing Company of Pioneer Dance Arts

United Dental Care of Washington, Inc.

Neufam Inc.


Le Provencal, Inc.

Sally Carlson Show Room, Inc.

Micro-chem Laboratories, Inc.

Seaview Properties, Inc.

Anjo Enterprises, Incorporated

c.g.c. Enterprises, Inc.

Care Ambulance, Inc.

d.p.k., Inc.

Carpenter Co.

Fuel Injection Systems, Inc.

Central Trading, Inc.

R. D. Wilson Co., Inc.

Royal Flying Service, Inc.

Robert O. Cole (Washington), Inc.

Pca National, Inc.

Potions, Inc.

Ocean Charters, Inc.

Seattle Gardening Service, Inc.

King's Way Industries, Inc.

Commodity Brokerage Unlimited, Inc.

D. E. Hokanson, Inc.

Cheney Travel, Inc.

Danielson Developers, Inc.

Dunsmore Land Surveyors, Inc.

The British Pantry, Ltd.

Menlo Worldwide Trade Services, Inc.

Golden North, Inc.

Golden Sun Restaurant, Inc.

Nishi Jhaveri Inc.

Liberation Books, Inc.

Rafn Company

Gear Engineers, Inc.

Pirelli Cable Corporation

Pb Americas, Inc.

Andrich, Incorporated

Seaport Marketing Corporation

Lakeview Building Products, Inc.

Kinetic Engineering, Inc.

Raymond J. Palesch, m.d., Inc., p.s.

Wes-mar Concrete Pumping, Inc.

Slater Investments, Inc.

Fall City Welding, Inc.

Warren Lefevre, Inc.

Family Pancake House Management, Corp.

Canyon Motor Rewind, Inc.

Fosco, Inc.

r.e.p. Electric Inc.