Washington Corporations


Thrifty Supply Co. of Tacoma, Inc.

Ultra Corporation

Expert Drywall, Inc.

Food Tec, Incorporated

Northern Investors Company Limited Partnership

Des-eng-con Corporation

Associates, Inc.

Rigging Co.

Truck Lubricating Co.

The Norwest Company, Inc.

Diamond Machine Works, Inc.

Pande-cameron and Company of Seattle, Inc.

Thrifty Supply Co. of Everett, Inc.

Rasmussen Marine Corporation

Hilton Worldwide, Inc.

Diversified Imports Corporation

Electric Supply Company

Globe Tire Distributors, Inc.

The Solkover Group, Inc.

Pacesetter Homes, Inc.

Woodland Properties, Inc.

Phil's Jewelry, Inc.

Hydra Plastics, Inc.

Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company

Mcdowell Supply Company, Inc.

The Puget Sound Mycological Society

Jerry's U-drive, Inc.

Park Oil Co.

Eci Holdings, Inc.

Shield Investment Corp.

Engineering Construction Services, Inc.

To the Trade, Inc.

Tri-state Construction, Inc.

Buzz Fiorini, Inc.

Bowers Machine Company

Anderson Refrigeration, Inc.

Impression Printing Co., Inc.

Ski Klasses, Inc.

Western Discount Corporation

Allison Agencies, Incorporated

Brandrud Furniture, Inc.

Data and Staff Service Co.

Pacific Alaska Freightways, Inc.

Haron Limited

The Continental Club, Inc.

F. C. Bloxom Company

Sound Judgment, Inc.

Fiorito Bros., Inc.

Chuck Olson Chevrolet, Inc.

Carmody Company, Inc.

J. C. Wright Sales Co.

Academy Press, Inc.

West Seattle Post No. 160, Department of Washington, American Legion

Eagle Pattern Storage Company

Sound Manufacturing, Inc.

7-eleven, Inc.

Sebco, Inc.

Paramount Services, Inc.

Northwest Craft Center, Inc.

Scott Enterprises, Inc.

Pacific International Underwriters, Inc.

Beneficial Washington Inc.

Mirrormont Services, Inc.

Magic Wand of Seattle, Inc.

Bergman Luggage Company, Inc.

General Record Service, Inc.

Jack Hozack Co., Inc.

Stewart, Inc.

The Hearst Corporation

King Construction Company


Nicholson Manufacturing Company

Seattle Sail and Power Squadron

Allied Furniture Clinic, Inc.

Dkjl, Inc.

Speed Equipment Wholesalers, Inc.

Encompass Mechanical (Seattle-construction), Inc.

Wrg Corporation

San Mar Corporation

V. Van Dyke. Inc.

Seattle Opera

Camp Fire Usa Central Puget Sound Council

Acoustical Design, Inc.

Payette Industries, Inc.

Ryther Child Center League

Northwest Investment Company

Pacific Crest Foods, Inc.

General Parts Company

Northwest Auto Wrecking, Inc.

Outdoor Empire Publishing, Inc.

Formost Fuji Corporation

Merchants Credit Corporation

Futura Industries Corporation, Futura Home Products Division

Haida Hide, Incorporated

Roe Industries Inc.

United Optical Co., Inc.

Mutual Fish Co., Inc.

Dillon, Inc.

Pacific Building Corporation

E Enterprises I, Inc.