Washington Corporations


Packing Company, Inc.

Fossum Orchards, Inc.

Hahn Motor Co.

M. G. Wagner Company, Inc.

Equipment Company

Haas Fruit Co., Inc.

Jack Frost Fruit Company, Inc.

The Yakima Tennis Club

H. R. Spinner Corporation

Storage Co.

Larry J. Fuchs Painting Co.

Smithphillips Advertising, Inc.

Hull Ranches, Inc.

Northwest Packers Hide Co.

Yakima Stamp Works, Inc.

Crescent Convalescent Center, Inc.

James G. Layman, Inc.

Johnson Glass Co., Inc.

Nob Hill Auto Wreckers, Inc.

Cameron-yakima, Inc.

Home Improvement Products, Inc.

Northwestern Fruit and Produce Company

Steiner Resources, Inc.

Harris Farms, Inc.

Olympic Credit Service, Inc.

Gilbert H. Moen Company

Billington Builders Supply, Inc.

Yakima Softball Association

Yakima Theatres, Inc.

Valley Leasing Company

Walnut Street Automotive Company

Viking Packaging Machinery, Inc.

Hops Extract Corporation of America

Bernd, Inc.

Mcguire Lumber Co., Inc.

Crescent Building Materials, Inc.

Valley Roz Orchards, Inc.

Ben Worthington, Inc.

Yakima Valley Museum and Historical Association

Yakima Marketing Service, Inc.

Carpet Masters, Inc.

Burtrac, Inc.

Yakima Specialties, Inc.

Paul's Transfer, Inc.

Yakima Theatres, Inc.

Johnson Mechanical Corporation

Schultz Investment Company, Inc.

Supply Co., Inc.

Midstate Glass Company, Inc.

Hill's Cafe, Inc.

G. P. M. Corporation

Kameo Flower Shop, Inc.

Yakima Wire Works, Inc.

Sun-tides, Inc.

Ljutic Industries, Inc.

Yakima Music Company, Inc.

Pt Electric, Inc.

Poulin's Inc., of Yakima

Marq Packaging Systems, Inc.

Knobel's Electric, Inc.

Supply Co., Inc.

Electro-mart, Inc.

Husky Liquidation Company

Service, Inc.

Lee Peterson Motors, Inc.

Bill's Place, Inc.

Jdg Enterprises, Inc..

Advico, Inc.

Briant Food Stores, Inc

Westwood West Golf Course, Inc.

Melbran Distributing, Inc.

r.e.w., Inc.

Fiscus Motor Freight, Inc.

The Noel Corporation

4 Wheel Country, Inc.

Min-tie Marina, Inc.

Beems Diet Food Center, Inc.

Yakima Office Supply, Inc.

Cold Storage Co.

Agricultural Management Systems, Inc.

Bowden's Auto Parts, Inc.

Western Laboratories, Inc.

Acme Auto Wrecking, Inc.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho

Don J. Young Co., Inc.

Machine, Inc.

Sousley Sound, Inc.

Deblasio Construction Company Incorporated.

Luv's Card Shops, Inc.

Circus Drive in Theaters, Inc.

Fruitvale Drive-in Theatre, Inc.

Al Chadwick Insurance, Inc.

Yakima Precision Motors, Inc.

J. L. Smith Company

Long Enterprises, Ltd.

Awning Co., Ltd.

Golden Crown Constructors, Inc.

Orchard Enterprises, Inc.

Apple Valley Realty, Inc.

Building Material Supply, Inc.