Washington Corporations


Gwi Holdings, Inc.

Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle

Robinson Distributing Corporation

Pacific Trail, Inc.

Lake Union Drydock Company

Northwest Protective Service, Inc.

National Company, Incorporated

Starr Marine Agency of California

B. F. Turnbull, Inc.

Atwood Adhesives, Inc.

Abc - Pacific Corporation

Pacific Fishermen, Inc.

Bread of Life Mission

Western Cartage Inc.

Sand Point Builders Supply Co.

Williams True Value Home Center, Inc.

Osberg Construction Company

Ski Lifts, Inc.

Lockhaven Marina, Inc.

Fred Lind Manor

Don Willis Furniture, Inc.

Starr, Inc.

Bronze Works, Inc.

Northwest Waterproofing Co. Inc.

Betlen Corporation

Nordstrom, Inc.

Navigation, Inc.

Macmillan Bloedel Paper Sales Incorporated

University Transfer Company Inc.

The Craftsman Press, Inc.

Master Movers Inc.

Shoreline Construction Co.

Historical Society of Seattle and King County

Tube Art Displays, Inc.

Saber Investments, Inc.

Wyatt Engineers, Inc.

Schwabland, Inc.

Carl Zapffe, Inc.

Sons Mortuary, Inc.

Aptex, Inc.

Miller-nicholson, Inc.

National Transfer, Inc.

Davison's Inc.

Blackbourn Enterprises, Inc.

Branom Instrument Co.

Eastes Tank Lines, Inc.

s.f. Burns and Co., Inc.

Union Tank Works, Inc.

Highland Mist Ltd.

Canella, Inc.

Blume Investment Co.

National Securities Corporation

Tomlinson, Inc.

Washington Employers, Inc.

Steelform Contracting Company

Norman G. Jensen, Inc.

Bowie Electric, Inc.

L Distributors, Inc.

Fishing Supply Co.

Ocsa, Inc.

Tyrrells, Incorporated

John B. Merifield Company, Inc.

Produce, Inc.

Service Exchange, Inc.

Compton Lumber Company

West Seattle Aerie No. 2643 Fraternal Order of Eagles, Inc.

Diamond Parking, Inc.

Equipment Installers, Inc.

Pacific Northwest Motor Freight Lines, Inc.

Washington Insurance Examining Bureau, Inc.

Zandt Brass Foundry, Inc.

Seaboard Lumber Company

Buffalo Investment Company, Inc.

Paschall Laboratories Inc.

Hart, Inc.

University Unitarian Church of Seattle

Vic Francks Boat Co., Inc.

Checkerboard, Inc.

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

Sunset Electric Co.

Wards Cove Packing Company

Dunn Lumber Co. Inc.

Fluid Conditioning Inc.

Nwb, Inc.

Allied Body Works, Inc.

Hemphill Brothers, Inc.

Black River Quarry, Inc.

Kirsten Pipe Company, Inc.

Winn Investments, Inc.

Precision Engineering Inc.

A. F. J. Distributors, Inc.

Wusco, Inc.

Crista Ministries

A. a. a. a. Inc.

Pourette Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Sameddie, Inc.

Terrazzo Co.

World-wide Movers, Inc.

George S. Schuster Co. Inc.

Seattle Driving School, Inc.